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Japan's Smashing Success

STORY: Masaki Ogawara is a 35-year-old printing company salesman with a lot on his mind. Now a visibly happier man thanks to his dish-smashing therapy at the anti-stress project “The Venting Place”. Begun only one month ago, it’s really just a couple of concrete slabs on the back of a truck where passers-by like Ogawara dish out about two dollars to smash a cup or saucer. Ogawara says he’s ready to return to work. [Masaki Ogawara, Salesman]: “Life is pretty complicated and there are a lot of things to worry about right now so this was refreshing. I now feel like I can start afresh again tomorrow,” IT consultant Shigeo Sasaki also said the current recession was getting him down. [Shigeo Sasaki, Technology Consultant]: “All everyone talks about is the recession. In my company it’s also: ‘you can’t do that and you can’t do this’, like say taxi expenses. I was feeling pent up and looking for a way to release some of that when I came across this place.” While the practice is a scientifically recognized one, the leader of the project and chiropractor Katsuya Hara hopes it will eventually become as common to the business community here as bar-hopping and karaoke. [Katsuya Hara, Heads “The Venting Place”]: “We hope to become the new way business men and women relieve their stress, part and parcel with drinking, singing and now hopefully smashing dishes.” And for those stressing out that all this is environmentally unfriendly: no sweat, Hara says. All the porcelain is reused and
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