Serenity is my cornerstone…

In our current society, drama is around each and every corner. Nonetheless, I choose to successfully lead a tranquil lifestyle.

The way I live my life is my own choice. I can choose to frown, but instead I choose to smile by focusing on the small victories and blessings of life.

I choose to focus on the peace inside of me, instead of letting insignificant things frustrate me. I respond to stress with a calm, confident demeanor that tells the world I am in control of my emotions.

I strongly believe that my reactions set the stage for my mood and interactions with others. Therefore, I elect to keep my mind focused on tranquility.

Because serenity is my cornerstone, I take a gracious approach with each situation I encounter. I do this to preserve the peace inside of me and to be courteous to others.

Others are drawn to me because I bring a sense of calm and control into their lives. People love spending time with me because my peace influences everyone around me.

Due to my calm nature, I am confident in my personality. I am happy and fulfilled, and it shows in everything I do. I focus my energy on the things that matter most and calmly respond in an effective manner to setbacks. I have energy to spare!

Today, I avoid sweating the small stuff. Appointing serenity as the cornerstone of my life allows me to be a happier and healthier person. It also allows me to brighten the days of others by simply extending a hand or flashing a smile.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How do I normally respond when faced with a stressful situation?

2. How can I learn to respond in a more peaceful way?

3. What can I do to display the serenity within me during each interaction today?