Love always allows me to be conscious of how I treat others…

I believe wholeheartedly in the power of love! I know that if it comes from a true, genuine place, love can heal the world and mend broken relationships.

My true love for humankind always allows me to be conscious of how I treat others.

I remind myself each morning when I open my eyes that each and every one of us are valuable, so I have a responsibility to treat everyone as such. This reminder allows me to be kind to everyone I encounter, regardless of how they treat me.

Whenever I encounter a homeless person or someone in need, I speak to them kindly and respectfully, even if I have no material goods to share at that moment.

I realize that a lack of caring causes people to be angry and unhappy, so I do what I can to show genuine love.

I know that of the billions of people in the world, I may only be able to impact the lives of a few, but I believe that from one good deed blossoms another. I think love can become an epidemic if I just do my part to spread it.

Today, I strive to show true love to everyone I meet. I commit to allowing love to prevail, even when I am at a low point in my own life. Being loving brings me joy.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I tell others when I notice them being unkind?
2. Have I encouraged my kids to avoid saying mean things to other kids at school?
3. Can I do more to show my love to others?