Letting go of the past allows me to embrace the present moment…

Some of my memories are so upsetting that the pain is palpable and potent. Yet, each and every day, I take a conscious decision to let go of my past.

Letting go of the past means that I release the thoughts and feelings that bring me down. I refuse to let things that happened long ago affect my life here today. The problems and concerns from the past float away, and they leave me weightless.

I live a peaceful, comfortable, and beautiful life. I realize I posses the power to create the existence that I desire, simply because I let go of the past. My life is here and now, and I embrace it fully.

I notice how much more room there is in my life to go after the things, people and places that I love, now that I let go of the past.

Today, my mission is to focus on the present and to experience it to its fullest. So, I let go of my past to leave plenty of room for my present. 
Life is wonderful because life is here now in its full splendor.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I have the tendency to think too much about events from my past? Can I choose now to let go of my upsetting memories so they no longer bring me down?

2. What are a few of the good aspects about my present life? What do I love about it?

3. What can I do to make sure that I let go of my past, so I am better able to enjoy my present?