I walk in peace and love through self-discovery…

Finding my inner self is valuable to me. Because I know who I am inside, I am peaceful and loving to others. When I know myself, I am better able to stay in peace. Challenges are less daunting because I feel calm and loving inside.

Finding myself is a joyful journey that I willingly undertake. I work each day to get to know myself better. Self-discovery helps me maintain a positive attitude and love myself for who I am. I see positive changes when I look within and I like the person I see on the inside.

I take the love inside of me and offer it to others. There’s always plenty of love and peace to go around. I freely give away the joy I have inside.

My abundance increases in proportion to the amount I give away. The more happiness I share with others, the more my own peace and love increase as well.

My happiness helps others to have more joy and then they pass theirs on to still more people. When I help others find themselves, they find more peace and love to pass on. Walking in peace and love is easy when those around you are doing the same.

Today, I walk in the peace and love that comes through self-discovery.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What can I do to show more peace and love to other people?
2. How can I continue to strengthen my bond with my inner self?
3. What can I focus on to ensure I’m giving off love and tranquility every day?