I give myself permission to be calm…

It is okay to reject pressure and disarray. When I find myself in uncomfortable situations, I can take a step back in order to remain calm.

I keep my wits about me in the face of conflict. I am a peace-seeker. My emotions are under control.

Regardless of how heated a situation becomes, I keep a soft tone of voice. When necessary, I stop and count to ten in order to delay an inappropriate reaction. I take deep breaths to help me stay calm.

I allow myself to feel secure. Tranquility has healed me from anxiety and I remain calm so that my view will be clear.

When I am calm, I make intelligent choices. If I let my emotions dictate my behavior, I know I will have regrets. Instead, relying on my mind helps me live a life of integrity.

To keep a sense of calm, I bear a load that is just right for me. I refuse to overload myself. Saying no to extra responsibilities is something I do in order to protect myself from a nervous breakdown.

My eating habits are healthy. I make sure that I get enough sleep in order to rejuvenate my body and mind. Living a healthy lifestyle helps me to be calm. Throughout the day, I take quiet pauses in order to stay fresh and focused.

Worrying is a pointless waste of time. I know that worrying won’t add a day to my life or remove a wrinkle from my face, so I choose to embrace the things I cannot change and plan for those that I can.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What are some activities that have a calming effect on me?
2. What are some activities or places that make me tense?
3. How do I benefit from staying calm?