When you’re looking to ignite your passion for life, it’s helpful to live an uncluttered existence,  both physically and emotionally. Have you considered that maybe it’s time to do a bit of spring cleaning?

Whether it’s your physical or emotional “environment” that is cluttered, why not gussy up your surroundings?

Ponder these points:

1. Clutter is a deterrent to positive self-esteem.
Because clutter in and of itself is distracting, it’s wise to tidy up the world around you. Physical clutter draws your attention away from what’s important and on to the messy situations surrounding you. Emotional clutter serves to do the same thing – divert attention from what really matters.

Banishing chaos and messy spaces from your life will help you re-gain the space to work on things that matter to you. When you do, you’ll build your self-esteem immensely.

If you’re unsure about the suggestion to physically clean up your surroundings, try cleaning out just one drawer, cabinet, or closet. You’ll see you completed a task and made something better. Then, you’ll feel pretty good about it.

If you’re overwhelmed at the prospect of getting your home in order, start small. For example, focus on one room at a time, or even one corner of the room or a piece of furniture that’s piled with clothing.

2. Bring order into your life.
When there’s order in your home, you can look around and feel good about your environment and yourself. You’ll feel calmer and self-esteem will grow.

Elicit your partner’s help to get things organized at home.

3. Examine your close relationships.
Our close relationships have a profound impact on how we feel about ourselves. If you’re in a relationship with someone who’s supportive, kind, and loving, you’ll believe you’re worthy of love and affection.

On the other hand, if one or more of your major relationships causes you to feel hurt, discouraged, disappointed, or angry, your self-esteem probably suffers because of it.

Are most of the people you’re close to positive and encouraging toward you? Do you feel emotionally supported by them? When you fill your life with loving, caring people, it will make it easier for you to maintain healthy self-esteem.

4. Take action to change relationships that bring you down.
Tell the person how you feel when they speak negatively toward you and then share what you want the person to do instead.

“It hurts my feelings when you call me, ‘Tubby.’ I’d like you to call me by my name instead.” You could also say something like, “When you yell at me, I get scared. Can you please lower your voice or wait until you’re not angry before you talk to me?”

There may be times when you must make a decision to end the relationship for your own best interests. If you feel unhappy more than you feel happy about being with a person, it’s wise to consider moving on to a more emotionally uncluttered existence.

Nothing will bring down your self-esteem quicker than a relationship filled with negativity and angst.

Having a cluttered home or emotional state can hamper your efforts to build self-esteem. Take action to bring order into your life. Evaluate close personal relationships and work to resolve any that are messy or chaotic. Clean up your act in every way and you’ll feel better about you.

Plus, when you find yourself without chaos, you can better focus on the life you’ve always wanted.