Managing the time that we have available is a common problem in our hectic society. We all are so occupied with our daily routines that we tend to neglect certain other aspects and forget to enjoy life. A substantial part of the stress that we face is due to the inability to manage our time effectively. Well, actually I should say; “manage our activities.” It is of course impossible to manage time!

Here are 9 easy time management tips:

  1. Prioritize. At times, we tend to force in extra activities or meetings in our daily routine even when we aware that we fall short of time. It is very necessary to understand you priorities and main concerns instead of focusing on things that do not really matter to you. Some people spend every minute of their day in working and ignore all other responsibilities. This too leads to stress.
  1. Organize. Time management includes organizing and utilizing your time in a fruitful and balanced manner. You can chalk out a plan of your daily routine and then figure out the period when you have spare time. Sometimes we do not realize that we have spare time, which can be utilized in effective ways. You can maintain a diary or a journal in which you can make a schedule.
  1. Reorganize. A well organized home or workplace helps in saving time. When things are in their proper place and everything is clean and neat then one feels like working and finding things too becomes an easy task. Imagine your home or office has things lying here and there in a haphazard manner and you need to find a file urgently. Owing to the mess it becomes a time consuming task to find the desired thing. Neat and tidy surroundings on the other hand save time and make things go smoother.
  1. Utilize. You can also jot all the things that you want to accomplish on a piece of paper and then start devoting time to these activities as per the requirement and importance of the tasks. This will help in proper utilization of time, which in turn will keep the stress of completing the tasks away from you. You can get into the habit of writing and prioritizing daily.
  1. Visualize. You can also get into the habit of maintaining a long term planner that will help you in assessing your long term priorities. Planning long term also helps you fulfilling your wishes and leaves no room for uncertainties or doubts to creep in. It is a very healthy habit and keeps you away from tensions and worries. Like the long-term planner, you can also make a weekly planner and jot down all the activities that need to your attention during the week. This also relieves the stress of thinking and worrying about all the important tasks that need to be finished.
  1. Re-energize. The time that we have on this planet is very precious and you deserve some time to simply enjoy life. It is necessary to devote some time for yourself to rejuvenate and re-energize yourself for the proceeding day’s work and routine. If you spend all your time slogging without taking a single break it is bound to lead you towards stress. Therefore, time management also includes setting aside some time for yourself. Take some time to sit alone and just enjoy your own company, listen to music or indulge in your favorite hobby.
  1. Actualize. Many times, we have the tendency of postponing our work or other important activities that demand our immediate attention. This habit of procrastinating may lead to a pile of things undone and unfinished. This leads to the pressure of completing all the pending tasks, which further invites stress.  Procrastinating is a very unhealthy habit and you should work on freeing yourself from it. For this, effective time management is necessary. If you allot time to each activity and complete it on schedule then there is no pressure and stress.
  1. Realize. Sometimes we have certain goals in mind but they never materialize, because we do not devote enough time to them. These goals may be very important for us and non-realization of these goals leads to stress and anxiety. You should write down all your goals and steal some time from your daily life to work on achieving your heart’s desires. The realization of even the smallest goal motivates us further and inspires us to set more goals. However, the goals that you set should be realistic and in tune with your capabilities or it will again lead to stress.

Sometimes we are so used to living in our own comfort zones that we tend to start feeling scared to try something new. You may be used to living a life with the same activities filling every day. You may not even think that it’s possible to change this routine and indulge in something new and innovative. Your busy daily routine leads to ever greater amounts of stress accumulating in your body. Therefore, you should use time effectively and fit in other interesting activities. Dare to move out of your comfort zone once in a while and try your hand at dealing with things differently.