An excellent way of reducing stress levels is to engage in regular exercises that not only keep your body fit but also help in attaining mental peace. There are numerous types of exercises that can assist you in releasing your stress and help keep it away. A regular dose of exercises also keeps you happy and refreshed. 

Here are 5 reasons why exercise is beneficial to reduce stress:

  1. Stress results in the release of negative emotions like fear, anger and anxiety. These are very harmful for the health of an individual. Exercises come to the rescue at this time and help in diverting these negative emotions. There are many types of sports like martial arts and boxing which are perfect ways of releasing all the pent up anger in you. As a result, all your anger shifts to a different direction and you feel lighter and stress free. Emotions like frustrations too can be avoided through such exercises. 
  1. The production of chemicals like endorphins during exercising reduces the levels of stress. Endorphins help in maintaining a happy state of the mind. You can release all your tensions and worries through exercising and at the same time keeps you healthy. All of this also increases your resistance to illnesses and diseases. 
  1. Exercising also helps you in acquiring new friends. If you go to the gymnasium regularly, you tend to develop new contacts too which proves to be a great distraction from your routine. This also helps in reducing stress. It also leads to increase in self worth and self-esteem that prove to be a great boost to a person suffering from stress. 
  1. Exercise can include various forms like yoga, walking, cycling, jogging or more vigorous forms like trekking, mountaineering and rock climbing. All of these are great ways of bringing your stress under control. Simple forms of exercising like walking also prove to be very helpful. Cycling or jogging every morning will leave you feeling energized for the day’s work. An early morning walk also rejuvenates and refreshes you. 
  1. Indulging in sports like basketball, football or any other game is also very effective. Such games too help in a rise in spirits and lead to high levels of enthusiasm. You forget all your fatigue and stress when you play and it also helps keep you fit. 

Thus any form of exercise is very beneficial and each person should try to invest at least some time in exercising as it helps in keeping all kinds of problems, including stress, at bay.