Job stress can make your life miserable and can carry over into every other area of your life, if you let it. Reducing stress at work plays a large part in making your job – and your life – more pleasant and fulfilling.

Follow these tips to reduce your on-the-job stress and become happier and more productive:

Create a work environment that fosters a healthy lifestyle. Arrange the lighting to reduce eye strain. Get a comfortable chair. Keep your desk uncluttered. Go for frequent “health” breaks. All these little tweaks will make your workplace more comfortable.

Associate with positive people. Positive people help bring out the best in you and reduce stress. Rather than gossiping, they see the good in people. Rather than complaining, they find what’s good about the job and focus on that, which makes for an uplifting workplace.

Adopt a positive attitude. Let yourself be one of those people whom others enjoy being around. Uplift others and you’ll find your own spirit is lifted as well. Smile and others smile with you!

Set realistic goals for yourself. If a project is too big, divide it into easily achievable mini-goals. This sets you up for success every day.

Make a list. Each morning, determine your tasks for the day and arrange them by priority. Keep your list where you can see it and cross off each task as you complete it. This gives you a sense of accomplishment which grows as the day goes on.

Delegate as much as possible to the best person for the task. This lets you concentrate on the more demanding tasks while others do the legwork. All in all, the team becomes more productive and successful.

Ask for help. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. This is much less stressful than being unable to do something that was expected of you, and then facing the consequences of it not being done or being done incorrectly.

Communicate. Open, honest communication can prevent misunderstandings and hard feelings. Even if you feel upset about something, let the person know about it with the intent of resolving the issue peacefully.

Take frequent short breaks. Get up, shake out your muscles, and take a short walk outside. This gives your mind a rest while rejuvenating it with some fresh oxygen for mental clarity when you return.

Take vacations. You’re more productive and perform higher quality work when you give yourself a chance to get away for a while and relax. A vacation doesn’t have to mean a week at an exotic island. A weekend trip would serve you just as well!

Leave your work at the office. When your workday is done, attune your thoughts to enjoying your time away from work. Make it a policy to never take work home with you. It’s much less stressful to come in a little early to get a head start on your day, instead of working all night.

Here are some affirmations to help you reduce job stress:

✴      I plan my work and work my plan.

✴      I remain calm at work.

✴      I bring joy to my workplace.

✴      I handle rush projects with mental clarity and efficiency.

✴      I have patience with my co-workers.

✴      I am a success.