The best way to quickly relieve stress is to frequently indulge in relaxation techniques. They will help you in regaining your lost peace of mind.

Some effective relaxation techniques that can be used are:

  1. Meditation proves to be most effective in dealing with stress. However, this needs a lot of concentration and focus that may be a bit difficult for a person suffering from stress. Meditation helps in relaxing your mind and body. It also controls all the negative emotions like anger and fear, emitting positive energy all around which helps in relieving stress and you feel rejuvenated and refreshed. Daily practice of meditation even for half an hour is sure to help you.
  2. Another relaxation technique is to tune in to soothing and soft music. It has been proved that music acts as a therapist and changes your moods instantly. Music is also an excellent remedy for getting rid of stress. Calm and relaxing music has great effects on your thoughts and it immediately cools you down. When you listen to such music, your stress just evaporates and you feel very cheerful and relaxed.
  3.  Hobbies too are an effective relaxation technique to relieve stress. Each one of us has certain interests and has an affinity towards extra curricular activities like music, dance, gardening or writing. These creative talents or hobbies should be put to proper use especially in keeping stress at bay. You can take out sufficient time and devote it to your hobby if you are feeling stressed out. It really works wonders and you just do not realize when you forget all the stress that you had.
  4. Nature is the most ideal way to get back to your roots and relieve stress. A short walk amidst a garden is a magical experience that pulls you out of your stress. You can go for walks in the mornings and bask in the purity and beauty of nature that will heal all your worries and leave you feeling fresh and rejuvenated.
  5. Yoga is another way of relaxing the mind and relieving stress. Yoga is believed to have spiritual powers that help you in understanding yourself. It increases your patience and makes you more tolerant. Yoga keeps you physically and mentally healthy and has numerous other benefits. A regular practice of yoga is very helpful in reducing stress. It also helps you in staying balanced and focused leaving no room for stress.
  6. Muscle relaxation is another technique that helps in evading stress. When you feel stressed, your muscles too tend to feel the pressure. Your muscles should be in a relaxed state. You yourself are the one who guides all your muscles and help them in relaxing. Here you have to concentrate on each part of the body and think that all the stress from that part is leaving your body. Gradually your entire body goes in a relaxed state and you successfully get rid of stress.
  7. A relatively new way of relieving stress is by using reiki. Reiki is practiced on a large scale today, which helps in relaxation and rejuvenation of the mind. The person who is performing reiki places the hands on various points that are said to be the major junctions of our body. This is believed to have great power that frees you from all kinds of stresses and worries. At the end of the reiki session, you feel very light and relaxed. Sometimes you may need to undergo more than one session depending upon the intensity of the stress.
  8. You can also use prayer or mantras to relieve stress. Prayer has immense healing power which generates positive vibes and radiates positive energy. Saying your prayers daily with faith and devotion compels you to stay positive and allows only positive thoughts to drift in your mind. You can also chant a specific mantra, which helps you in staying calm. This has to be practiced regularly for effective results.

These are just a few relaxation techniques that are very easy to practice. They just require sufficient time and concentration. You should set aside some time daily for activities that will prove to be very beneficial in the long run.