Sometimes our days get so hectic that you wish you could just relax for even a few moments.

We all know that relaxation helps our body re-energize, but sometimes you’re so busy and caught up in your activities that it looks like you just don’t have the time to unwind.

Luckily there are some simple ways to quickly relax, even during your busiest days, that don’t require a lot of time and that you can do almost anywhere.

Here’s 5 Tips to quickly unwind:

1. When you are waiting in line at the grocery store: Instead of getting all worked-up because there aren’t enough cashiers and every line has 6 people with bulging carts of groceries, use the time that you are waiting to relax by doing some deep breathing.

* Taking deep breaths helps to increase the oxygen level in your blood. Your blood then circulates that extra oxygen throughout your body, and helps your inner systems recharge.

* Just taking five slow, deep breaths will do the trick. The best technique is to inhale deeply through your nose, and exhale through your mouth.

* Deep breathing will not only help you relax, it will also clear your mind and you’ll feel much more alert and ready to tackle the next job ahead.

* This deep breathing technique can be practiced anytime you’re feeling stressed, or just want to clear your mind.

2. When you are working: It can often be hard to find some time to relax at work. You might even get in trouble if you’re caught “relaxing.” Oh the horror! There are however some easy techniques you can do while you are at work that will help create a sense of calm, and aren’t so obvious to others.

* If you sit at a computer all day, make sure you get up and move around for a few minutes every hour. This helps to circulate the blood throughout your body. Just getting the blood flow moving will make you feel more alert and focused.

* While you’re sitting at your desk, roll your head around, from front to back and from side to side with your eyes closed. This technique is really helpful to to relieve neck tension, and increases the blood flow to your brain, which is a natural and easy way to relax.

* If your job requires yo to be on your feet all day, stretch out your back and sides by standing with your feet firm on the floor, shoulder width apart, and twist your upper body, including your head, slowly from side to side. This will loosen up your back muscles and spine, and release tension throughout your body.

* During a break or lunchtime, go for a walk. Walking is a great way to clear your mind and your body will benefit from the extra exercise as well.

3. When you’re rushing through a busy day: Take just a few moments to daydream and escape the hectic reality.

* Daydreaming lets your imagination flow, and causes instant relief from the stress of the real world.

* Visualize a place or experience that makes you feel happy or calm. Imagine how it smells, how the air feels, and who’s around.

* After five minutes of visualization you’ll feel relaxed, re-energized and ready to face the world again.

4. Wherever you’re at, smile: Smiling is proven to help relax and rejuvenate your body.

* When you’re out and about, smile at others around you.

* When you’re at work, smile at your co-workers. Not only will it help you relax, it will help relax them too.

* Smile at your children when you’re toting them around to all their different activities. This will create a peaceful environment you’ll all benefit from.

5. When the going gets tough, laugh: Laughter is a proven instant stress reliever. Now I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want to be seen as a nut case, so laughing out loud when you’re in line at the store or sitting at your desk at work may not be the best time. When you can, get someone involved and laughing with you.

* Tell a funny story or joke to a colleague (at an appropriate time, of course).

* Sing a silly song or play a fun game with your kids while you’re driving.

* Watch some funny videos on YouTube.

Practicing these easy, everyday relaxation techniques will help to sustain and strengthen you throughout your day, and will also make it much easier to unwind when you get home. I’m sure your co-workers, family and friends will appreciate the new, relaxed you!