The food that we eat is a major contributing factor affecting our levels of stress. We do not give enough importance to food, and most of us are unaware of the role played by food in controlling stress levels. Food too can be used as an effective way of reducing stress.

Today many of us are in the habit of feasting on the junk food that affects our health and instigates feelings of stress. A healthy and well balanced diet is very essential to maintain a stress free life. Eating at regular time intervals is also very essential. Skipping a meal can also affect the body and produce stress. Therefore, it is very important to eat the right foodstuffs that are high in nutrients and vitamins in proper quantities.

There are  certain foodstuffs that help in releasing chemicals in the body which reduce the effects of stress:

  • Milk is very helpful in reducing stress. Milk is rich in anti oxidants and a daily intake of milk assists in battling stress. You can have a cup of milk every morning or take it with a bowl of cereal.
  • You can also try munching almonds when you feel stressed. Vitamin E helps in keeping stress away and almonds are rich in vitamin E. So if you are prone to stress you can keep almonds with you and just munch them to feel better.
  • Cheese and fruits also help in controlling stress levels. Again, both of these contain high degrees of vitamin C that releases antioxidants that battle radicals produced during stress. You can also try mixing both of these together and having a bowl every morning.
  • Fruits like oranges also help during stress.
  • Other foodstuffs like tuna and asparagus are also very useful in combating stress as these too contain antioxidants.
  • ¬†Blueberries are another type of fruit that act as excellent stress busters.

You can keep a stock of these foodstuffs and munch on them whenever you feel stressed. However, maintaining a healthy diet alone is usually not enough to lead a stress-free life, and it’s a good idea to also take a look at some of the other suggestions for stress management on this site.