Stress from uncertainty rises from fear about the future. However, experts estimate that at least 90% of the things we worry about never come true! Yet, how much time and energy do we waste worrying about what may never come?

If you’re feeling anxious or worried about what might happen, use these tips to help alleviate your fear and stress:

1. Avoid worrying about the “What ifs.” Instead of sitting around imagining all the bad scenarios that could possibly happen, funnel your energy into taking action to improve your situation, find a solution to your challenge, or work around the problem.

2. Adopt an optimistic attitude. Redirect your thoughts so you vividly imagine good outcomes. It’s a funny thing, but expecting good outcomes more often results in the positive outcomes you desire!

3. Live in the moment. As mentioned in earlier posts, when you’re focused on this moment, worries about the future just don’t exist.

4. Here are some affirmations to help you reduce stress due to uncertainty:
✴ I feel optimistic about my future.
✴ I look forward to the good things in my life every day.
✴ I am confident that I can solve any challenge that comes my way.
✴ I enjoy successes each and every day.
✴ My life is an exciting adventure and I love it.
✴ When fear raises its ugly head, I jump into positive action and it