When stress is thrown your way, the only thing you can control is your reaction to it. The better you get at controlling your reactions, the more resilient you’ll be, and the more likely you’ll be able to transform a bad situation into a positive one.

Stress provides the body with energy. That energy tends to be spent worrying or feeling anxious, but what if you could use that energy for GOOD? You’d be able to transform that negative, nervous energy into positive outlets that improve your life!

Are you trying to cope with these types of stress?

✴      Money: financial stress and strain

✴      Conflict: unresolved issues with co-workers, family, or your ex

✴      Job: fear of job loss, burdensome workload

✴      Health: your own or the health of a loved one

✴      Uncertainty: fear of the unknown, worry about the economy

✴      Family: pressure from your spouse or parents, lack of communication, resentment, or distance

You may feel that stress is simply an annoyance – a necessary by-product of our hectic lives. However, stress can be much more harmful to your mental and physical health than you might realize.

If you don’t find a way to handle it positively, it can cause serious, and even fatal, consequences.

Here are some of the real consequences of negative stress:

✴      Increased heart rate

✴      High blood pressure

✴      Heart attack

✴      Inadequate absorption of nutrients from your food, causing vitamin deficiencies

✴      Slow metabolism

✴      Weight gain or loss

✴      Increased production of harmful hormones, chemicals, and toxins in your blood

✴      Suppressed immune system

✴      Formation of fat around your internal organs and stomach area

✴      Worry, depression, and anxiety

✴      Panic attacks

✴      Chemical imbalance in the brain

✴      Nervousness and fidgeting

✴      Inability to concentrate or focus on the task at hand

✴      Death from heart attack or other illnesses caused or exacerbated by stress

Plus, with the established medical community advocating that you simply pop a pill for all your woes, additional side effects and dependence on drugs can be easily added to this already dire list.

In addition, constant stress tends to give you a negative outlook on life and can keep you from ever living the life you desire! This sound serious, doesn’t it? It is!

The good news is that you don’t have to let stress control – or ruin – your life. There are things you can do every day to solve this challenge. With the tips and techniques you’ll find on this site, you can turn your life around and enjoy it to its fullest!