In the conclusion to our three part series, we’ll discuss 4 more actionable strategies that you can start using today to banish depression and anxiety from your life.

Change your routine.

When we’re depressed or suffering from anxiety, we often withdraw from normal activities. Unfortunately, this just gives us more time to feel worried and depressed!

Instead of continuing this pattern of withdrawal, change your routine so you won’t feed your depression or anxiety.

How This Helps You:

๏      You will have less free time to worry.

๏      You will break out of your negative spiral.

๏      You will realize that you’ve been missing out on living.

How You Can Do This:

๏      Call a friend and ask them to go out with you.

๏      Join a support group or participate in a community activity.

๏      Force yourself to get out of the house at least once each day.


Think positive thoughts.

This coping strategy can be more powerful than you imagine! When you begin thinking positive thoughts, you’ll find that your whole outlook on the world changes.

If you give into negative thoughts, your negative thoughts and worries are more likely to materialize.

Positive affirmations and meditation are effective ways to bring positive thinking into your life.

How This Helps You:

๏      It breaks the cycle of negative thoughts.

๏      It gives you the power to overcome the negative.

๏      It gives you a more positive and fulfilling outlook.

How You Can Do This:

๏      Learn to meditate.

๏      Use positive affirmations.

๏      Read books on positive thinking.


Keep a journal.

Writing down your issues helps you to see them for what they

really are so you can let them go. By writing out your deepest thoughts and feelings, you’re also releasing the tension and stress from within you.

The writing process can help you come to terms with the depression and anxiety that is plaguing your life.

How This Helps You:

๏      It allows you to get things off your chest.

๏      It’s a fulfilling way to express your feelings.

๏      It enables you to take action regarding your feelings.

How You Can Do This:

๏      Write in a paper journal every day when you’re feeling particularly anxious.

๏      Create an online blog where you can share your feelings with others.

๏      Draw, paint, or sketch your thoughts and feelings.


Seek the advice of a Professional.

Doctors, therapists, or life coaches are professionals who can help you treat your symptoms and underlying causes so you can get your life back.

These professionals can help you turn your life around and improve the things that could stand some improvement.

How this Helps You:

๏      You will gain the wisdom and experience of a professional.

๏      You will receive direction in living a life that’s fulfilling to you.

๏      You will build a support system that puts your well being first.

How You Can Do This:

๏      Look in your local phone book for professionals specializing in depression and anxiety.

๏      Ask your family physician for a referral.

๏      Ask a friend or family member to refer you to anyone who might have helped them in the past.


If you want to overcome depression or anxiety, strive to employ as many of these strategies as you can. The more tools you use to your advantage, the sooner you’ll begin to feel like yourself again!

In addition to these strategies, be sure to get plenty of sleep, eat nutritious foods, and exercise regularly. Taking care of your body will also help you recover from depression or anxiety far faster. Of course, you must follow the advice of your physician.

Integrate these strategies into your daily routines now and you’ll soon realize that you’re back in control of your life!

All things are difficult before they are easy.

–Thomas Fuller